brand Aviance
industryOther Industries
completed 2007

Unilever originally only launched Aviance cosmetics on the Indian and Thai markets. It was established even before it had fully settled that the brand had a solid future in both countries. The retail development of what was seen by the multinational corporation as “a luxury part of Unilever” then became a must, but finding the right look and feel was the missing key to that goal. Additionally, the paradoxical fact that Aviance had established itself as a direct sales brand had to be integrated in the strategy.

To fulfill Unilever's requirements we aimed at thoroughly developing for Aviance a retail identity that would successfully cohabit with its original business structure. The sales area was designed to function like that of a counter brand. A lounge area was conceived as a bridge to the original sales concept, incorporating an extensive skin diagnostics station to develop and support customer loyalty. Furniture and interior fittings required premium quality while being commercially viable. Lighting needed to be elaborate enough to give the store the appeal of a premium counter brand while not as exclusive and impressive. Lastly, a trusted third party player had to be resourced to handle the deployment of the strategic design.

The overall concept brought a very positive response from existing partners, who adopted the model right away. Securing the presence of Aviance in upscale malls, which presented difficulties in the past, became a much more fluid operation. A quick and extensive nationwide deployment ensued for which minor practical alterations to the design we developed were required, but those were made scrupulously respecting the integrity of the guidelines and the customer experience we had produced.


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