PTT Park

brand PTT
completed 2004

In the highly competitive industry of highway service stations the concept standing above all others in terms of public success were the Jet stations and their rest areas. As PTT were seeing this as a threat to their market edge, they decided to rebrand and modernize their outdated design and attached limited service offer throughout their solid national number one and most extended gas stations network.

While the entirety of the industry was merely following what Jet had done, only allowing it to keep up, Contour answered PTT's call by seeing the problem from a totally different angle and proposing a new gas pump experience. Instead of simply bringing - much needed it is true - patches of greenery within the station, we proposed to set the pumps within a park, in a small village-like configuration. the concept included a totally new retail identity system underlined by a more lively and modern blue and, for the extra mile, we introduced a retail management element in the shape of a small shopping center offering commercial spaces for rent.

Improving the brand perception and atmosphere drew more traffic in and proved successful even in the downtown area (Vipavadee - Rangsit), where the traditional meeting place switched from the malls to the local PTT Park. Contour's design was also adopted as a retrofitting standard for existing stations nationwide, and after PTT bought Jet stations, those were also retrofitted following the PTT Park format.


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