Major Avenue Ratchayothin

brand Siam Future
clientSiam Future Development Plc. (SFD)
industryShopping Malls
completed 2009

Already a high traffic zone with a youth oriented entertainment area (cinema multiplex and outdoor market), Major Cineplex Group, the investor, needed to add a more mature ingredient to its location in order to serve a clearly family oriented local community. Its aim was to extend the outdoor lifestyle experience while developing retail spaces for stores, services and restaurants. The site presented an architectural challenge with a very narrow setback at one of its extremities. This had become a joint venture between Major Cineplex Group and retail developer Siam Future when Contour's expertise was called in.

Our approach was to look at the project in terms of urban design prior to thinking of it as a shopping center. The SCB building complex across the main road was decisive in our decision to open the mall to this wide angle and dramatic cityscape, and we then went on developing a counterbalancing design which incorporated terraced open-air retail space, many water features, extensive greenery, and a shopping street to connect with the outdoor market, while remaining truthful to the other projects we produced for Siam Future.

The project successfully engages the targeted clientele which really embraces the total experience the complex provides. We were given an ASA (Association of Siamese Architects) Green Award for bringing back nature to a place and a population that had clearly missed it; and on an anecdotic standpoint, the sales for the adjacent Wind condominium project took off instantly after the mall opened and had soon run out.


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