Toyota Sure Brand and Retail Indentity

brand Sure
clientToyota Motors Thailand (TMT)
completed 2005

As the Japanese car maker's fourth market in the world for new cars, Thailand represented a strategic place for the development of a second-hand car network. The issue the project was facing was that no standard existed yet. With a multinational team of Toyota experts from Japan, the USA, Thailand, and from Contour, the format applied in North America was totally stripped and re-interpreted to fit Thai customers, with a particular focus on the “non-mechanical savvy” population that had been completely neglected by second hand car dealers until then.

We needed balance the Toyota “new car” aura, well-known and accepted, with a less-known and sometimes frowned upon used car concept in order to hit the mark in terms of image and perception of the brand by customers. We extrapolated on the “second hand car tent” casualness and integrated standards from new car showrooms to develop confidence while not creating the impression that part of the price tagged on the cars would be covering the cost of the infrastructure to sell them. A very user-friendly experience was imagined in parallel and implemented from entrance to exit here again to oppose it to the more conservative service delivered when buying a new car.

The “wave” roofs play a big role imprinting the strong identity of the brand in the mind of passers-by, just like its stamp-shaped logo carries a sense of the quality of the product. Despite the fact Sure showrooms were at first basically not advertised by Toyota, their impact on both dealership franchises and the general public was one of instantaneous recognition. Toyota Sure is now successfully branded throughout Thailand as a quality seal for second hand cars. The Sure Car Spa concept, also developed by Contour, was introduced in 2009 as a natural extension of Sure showrooms and in order to add touch points with the brand.


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