Marketplace on Thonglor

brand Siam Future
clientSiam Future Development Plc. (SFD)
industryShopping Malls
completed 2003

Up and Coming retail developer Siam Future had already been working with Contour for a long time when they asked us to embark on the development of a lifestyle shopping center in the trendiest area of Bangkok, Thonglor avenue. Being the first time such a project was attempted in Thailand presented us with hard facts to face and overcome: No one really had much knowledge of what a lifestyle shopping center was at the time. Additionally, the exclusive and demanding nature of the project's target clientele made its public and commercial success something yet to be proven.

We conducted an extensive research on existing lifestyle shopping centers, traveling the world to experience them first-hand, and studied inside and out the theory behind them. We eventually understood that although some universal principles applied to our project we had to focus our attention on the clientele we wanted to reach and from there trace our own route. That focus was conclusive for every choice we had to make from the sketches to the grand opening in order to provide the appropriate experience.

This was a defining project for both companies; we worked really hard and faced every challenge together, strengthening an already strong bond. The design befriends the tropical atmosphere in a very Contour way, and the retail mix allowed room for renowned quality brands, but equally served as a springboard for extremely promising lifestyle retailers such as iBerry. The Marketplace is broadly seen as a celebrity hangout and was a catalyzer for community malls, which have since become a trademark for both Siam Future and Contour.


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