La Villa Phaholyothin

brand Siam Future
clientSiam Future Development Plc. (SFD)
industryShopping Malls
completed 2006

With the success of its J-Avenue outdoor lifestyle mall, retail developer Siam Future Plc. used its momentum to set its compass on another stable Bangkokian residential community: Ari. In this case the spot chosen already possessed a sound structure and activity, so developing it through renovation demanded that the existing customer base remained and that a new one became engaged: that we drew an experiential bridge between two very distinct groups of customers.

With their seasoned partnership, Siam Future and Contour concentrated on the double customer base of up-and-coming young professionals from Monday to Friday on the one hand, and of resident families at the weekends on the other. Focusing particularly on lifestyle and access, we broke the boundaries that refrained the potential of the site from its realization and designed a layout taking full advantage of the existing geographic and demographic contexts to end up proposing a hip experience that would appeal and include families.

Since its opening, and beyond its success as a venture, La Villa has grown into a landmark for the whole area, experienced as a quality time, meeting and shopping place for friends and families alike, and at the same time providing a refreshing and distinctive lunching and dining spot for the surrounding professionals. Lastly, the connection with the Ari skytrain (BTS) station spreads the site's attraction well beyond the neighborhood while merging it with its environment.


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