brand McDonald’s
industryFood & Catering
completed 2007

McThai, the owner of the development license for Thailand, was aiming at lifestyle venues more than at QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants), but McDonald’s is such an established brand worldwide and is so much part of consumers' mental landscape, that making its restaurants stand out represents a real challenge. Additionally, a common misconception is to think that McDonald’s headquarters in the USA dispatch a “rollout bible” to their partners worldwide who simply have to carry it out to the letter in order to have a McDonald’s restaurant built. This “bible” does not exist and practically everything has to be produced by local designers.

Among the requirements we were given was the addition of McCafé corners in existing restaurants, the aim being to make their integration seamless but the experience of the two cohabiting areas different. A drive-through concept was also planned in an effort of brand differentiation, which meant we needed to develop a thorough trafÞc system that would function in left lane driving Thailand. Contour then suggested the creation of semi- outdoor spaces to add to the lifestyle aspect of the brand, and we also developed a concept of customization of the restaurants in order for them to blend-in with their surroundings. The strong partnership we have developed with McThai and our organic growing and learning together made answering those challenges a very efÞcient process.

Now lifestyle and inviting destinations, McDonald’s restaurants relfect Mcthai’s efforts to stand above the fray and to refuse cosmetic only improvements. In terms of loyalty too, the public is responding well to this display of concern for their expectations and evolving lifestyles.


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