J-Avenue on Thonglor

brand Siam Future
clientSiam Future Development Plc. (SFD)
industryShopping Malls
completed 2004

After the success of Marketplace - also on Thonglor - long time partner retail developer Siam Future Plc. and Contour settled on a plot to further their community mall concept. Destined to welcome the trendy Bangkok and the Japanese expatriate community - which concentrates there - the project presented multiple challenges: introducing an original lifestyle experience in an area that had little to do with it then; developing a long and narrow land sporting two magnificent but huge rain trees on two-thirds of its front end; and a street running its length which was too narrow to serve it.

Making this project possible relied on the deep working relationship existing between the two companies and on their understanding how powerful people-centered design can be when supported by thorough research and a clear vision. In this instance design actually became the solution: the land shape gave birth to a lengthwise organic shopping complex dotted with a perspective providing total visibility from the main street. Both rain trees remained untouched - the building and landscape gently cupping them - and a perpendicular passage was created from the side street to the next, optimizing access and traffic flow.

The success of the design and development is clear from the numbers who come to J-Avenue for its unique atmosphere. The place possesses enough notoriety to also function as a platform for the trendiest product launch events. What isn't obvious is to what point it revolutionized this former anonymous area of Thonglor avenue and its experience: instead of just going out, people have been going outdoors. In the wake of its growing popularity, the whole area transformed, and so did the property development community, suddenly aware of the potential of the outdoor retail complex model.


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