Carrefour Brand Identity

brand Carrefour
industryShopping Malls
completed 2007

In the light of fierce competition, Carrefour was looking at improving their overall image to be more in touch with their “smart feminine” customer base and engage it on a more personal level by aiming their customer experience more accurately. Additionally, the brand was seeking a strategy that could support its further expansion in Thailand while abiding by the regional governments' rules and regulations on retail developments.

The real challenge these issues presented was the delivery of their solutions in one comprehensive and meaningful package. At the time we started working with CENCAR, the shopping center experience of the Thais was changing for a better one, more oriented towards lifestyle, for which Contour had stocked a crucial know-how. Our strategy thus became redefining Carrefour by tweaking every aspect of their design but without interfering with the global brand, and adding a genuine personality to connect with and engage the customers. A new color tone was introduced to bring more warmth and dimension to the overly corporate existing duotone, and we proposed a flexible and friendly shopping experience characterized by the local culture, more open space and community activity-centered areas, efficient access and connections with the neighborhood, and of course a greener overall personality.

Carrefour now stands out from its traditional competition and is perceived as a more premium brand. The identity scheme was made straightforward and clear so its deployment does not require exterior interventions. The atmosphere answers the needs of modern Thai families for quality time, and the designs were very well accepted by the customers, especially the “I'm Aroi” food courts. On a local perspective, Carrefour's efforts have been saluted by communities, who are really responsive to the fact something is being given back to them.


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