Design Firm Eyes Indian, and Vietnam Markets

28 Jun 2010 


With Bt5 bn worth of projects in hand, total solutions provider seeks more work overseas

Design firm Contour Co plans to make the leap into overseas markets, with a focus on Vietnam and India, within three years, co-founder and chief executive Sudhisak Sudhiswat said last week.

The company has submitted design ideas to a developer in Vietnam that is planning to build a retail business in Ho Chi Minh City, he said.

“The Vietnamese firm becomes aware of us when they visited Thailand and toured Soi Thonglo’s J Avenue, which we designed. They’re interested in developing a similar project in Vietnam,” Sudhisak said.

Contour is also negotiating with developers about a project in India, he said.

Contour Co was founded by a group of Thai architect in 1987 with registered capital of Bt 6 million. Having started out as a commercial design and architecture firm, it has since moved into other areas including marketing and brand-building. Clients include PTT, McDonald’s, KFC, Carrefour, Lexus, Isuzu and Krung Thai Bank.

SUDHISAK SUDHISWAT: ‘Contour offers more than just design for a building or landscape’.

“We are a total solutions provider for all services related to design,” Sudhisak said.

Explaining Contour’s approach, Sudhisak that when the firm takes on a project, it does not simply offer the customer a design for a building or landscape. Rather, Contour studies the behavior of the intended users of the proposed building or business and tailors its design accordingly.

The company also conducts research and suggests possible marketing strategies and brand-building idea for the customers.

Contour is currently working 10 projects in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Nakhon Ratchasima worth more than Bt5 billion.

Most are mixed-use projects combining retail and residential elements, such as The Coast Bangkok project on BangNa-Trad Road, which incorporates retail, office and residential space.

Sudhisak said most of Contour’s customers had continued with their investment plans despite the recent political turmoil, believing the worst phase of the crisis would be short-lived.

“Most of our customers see the trend in retail-business design moving from simple boxes to concepts that incorporate ‘green’ and other factors. That’s why they select us as their design consultant,” Sudhisak said.